Thursday, January 31, 2013


Preparing for our wedding, Davis and I entered into it anticipating on paying for everything ourselves so as not to place the burden on either one of our families. Also, here in Uganda they have "wedding meetings", getting people to sponsor certain parts of the wedding, that was just not something we felt we wanted to do but instead we just wanted to bless those attending the wedding and thanking them for the role they've played in our lives. But yet again, my life verse rings true "His ways are not our ways" they're so far above them.

Over the past few months, Davis and I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support (both financial, emotional, and prayer) from people from around the world have given as we start this new chapter of our lives. People who have given to help my mom make it out here for the big day, family members working tirelessly to try and raise money, friends giving checks with the specific purpose of contributing towards the wedding, and even our friends here in Uganda throwing us a surprise "wedding shower" to help raise money for us. All of it has left both of us speechless. You pray, knowing God answers prayers, but always wondering how... and how much He'll bring about. He is truly able to do exceedingly more than we could ever ask for or imagine. And I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for all of your support, it truly means more to us than you will ever know.

As the countdown is now just a mere month away (YIKES!) we continue to ask for prayers to cover our marriage. That we would glorify God in showing one another the un-conditional love He shows us, that we would understand one another, that we would learn to pick our battles, that we would serve the other above ourselves, that we would constantly keep Christ at the center of our marriage, and that we would be an example of marriage to those around us.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A proud "mama" moment

Some people's whole joy in life is holding babies and playing with small children... yay for them, but not my thing. My crowd is more between the ages of 12-17. It's this age that has my heart in such a crazy powerful way and I'm so blessed that my job is getting to pour into them and witness what God is doing in their lives.

One thing that God has brought about in the past few months, and even more like weeks is several of my students stepping up and taking student leadership roles. For a while I've had two key boys and one key girl who have blown me away with their servant's hearts and I know running a youth group of 30+ kids with all the events we do would be nearly impossible without them. But lately, there's been a whole new crop of students stepping up to the plate and they're blowing my mind with what they do.

This month, we have a full plate for our students with activities everyday Tuesday through Saturday. Saturdays are our days to go "into the world" and do various outreach/service events. Last Thursday, God blessed me with the "eureka!" moment of "hey! I should let the kids plan these events!" So last Friday a group of them sat down and planned our outreach to Loco, a local slum area. They did AMAZING! They had it all worked out, and on a budget of $0. I seriously never had to coach them on how they should move on to another activity or anything, I was honestly rather bored during the whole thing, in a good way :)

Then on Tuesday, they sat down and planned our event for tomorrow which is where we are going to a somewhat overlooked orphanage that has around 30 kids. We have been there a couple of times before and actually found it because one of our students heard about how it was there and how they really didn't have much of anything. This time we had a little more to work with financially so I gave them their budget and time restraints and they came up with the schedule and the shopping list. It's a group of about ten students who really put their brains together to find some cool ways to bless these kids.

This afternoon was our shopping trip to prepare for the event. So I gave them the money, told them to bring back receipts, accompanied them to the grocery store and then basically just sat in the car and waited the rest of the time. They were so cute! (Sorry, I know that's not cool to say about 17 year old boys, but they just were) as they all delegated which items each person would be looking for. Then even though I had a Bible study to get to, the boys decided to continue and finish the shopping list. I struggled not worrying about them, but then realized they were really big boys and I needed to just chill :) What they came back with was just precious (I know, another not cool word choice). They bought 40 pieces of clothes, and all the fixens for a traditional ugandan meal of rice and beans. AND... they even had money left over.

As I saw them come up to the coffee shop where I was meeting my friend for the Bible study, my heart melted. Six teenage boys who now tower over me coming up with these things and waving to us. I'm still recovering from the whole experience. My friend just laughed at me and told me I was like a "proud mama", and honestly I guess it's true. These students are amazing and I'm so so blessed to serve them and pour into them... God amazes me that He allows me to be a part of their lives and see the young men and women He's making them to be.

Friday, January 4, 2013

That none shall perish...

In today's newspaper it talks about how there are 10,000 what we refer to as "Street Kids" here in Uganda. Now, I don't know just how accurate that number is but it definitely seem like there are quite a few, even here in Jinja. God has been doing a lot of work on my heart in regards to these street kids. I used to be bugged by them and really have no compassion for them as liars and beggars. Lately though, especially through the ministry of a friend of mine, my view of them has taken a 180. Although they are dishonest, difficult, and some of them do some very not good things, God still has a plan for them and can redeem them.

Right now, there is a certain boy that God is laying on my heart like none other. His name is Asheraf and is pretty much famous around here for both his shmoozeability and his attitude. For the past few months he's been coming to church with his buddies only to sit outside. Then a few weeks ago he came to youth group with a friend and actually sat through the whole thing. Then this last Wednesday he came to Bible study and both yesterday and today he came to our youth events. He's here with his attitude and questions and I can jut tell that God is trying to get a hold of him! But I also know the enemy is not going down without a fight.

He comes from a Muslim background and has the general Muslim reasons for not surrendering to Christ. He and I have started to spend some time talking about things and processing life. I honestly and truly know God loves him and Jesus has the love for him that he's been missing.

The point of this post is this... he's a bright kid, that if he surrenders to Christ, he's got so much potential of what God could do in and through him. Please keep this kid in prayer. Also pray for my students and I that we would be good witnesses, and also show him the kindness, love, and also firmness that glorifies Christ.


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