Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The one...

Today as I was doing a Bible study with a friend of mine in the book of Acts we were looking at Lydia’s conversion, and it hit me more than usual…God is all about the one. He sent Philip to the Ethiopian eunuch, he sent Peter to Cornelius, he had Paul and Silas imprisoned to minister to the jailer, and the list goes on and on. Yes we read about Peter preaching and thousands getting saved but more often in the book of Acts you see God calling someone to minister to one person or family.

I wish more of us could recognize what that looks like in ministry today. I’m not saying there’s no place for large-scale, even stadium evangelism, but what I am saying is it’s the one where disciples are made. When you personally get in the trenches, pray with, teach, counsel and answer questions… that’s where you see the growth. One man does the sowing of the seed (i.e. evangelism) and the other tills the soil (i.e. discipleship) and all of that is what comprises the beauty of the body of Christ.

Sometimes those of us in ministry can find ourselves discouraged if we’re only looking at numbers, when really you have one or two solid people… that’s maybe the only reason why God called you to that ministry. We need to not allow our expectations of “success” infringe upon really recognizing what God is doing and His faithfulness to achieve what He had set out to use us to do.

This is not a deep or profound post just simply an encouragement in sharing what God was showing me in order to encourage those of you who maybe feel a bit like you’re in a “Jeremiah ministry”, or where you don’t see large quantities of people show up for your ministry. It’s also to encourage those who aren’t in “formal” ministry and working a 9-5 job and simply meet someone for coffee once a week… that too is priceless ministry in God’s eyes. We need to stop gauging our “success” as servants and disciples by comparing ourselves to others, that’s what God called them to do… not us. We all have our own callings, one is not more valuable than the other. We are called to look not to the right or to the left but straight ahead faithfully doing what God has called us to do with all our might and make disciples be it to ten thousand people in a stadium, ten people in a classroom, or just one person in a coffee shop.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

26....what a year!

It is the day before June 2nd... I like to frequently remind my parents that June 2nd 1986 was pretty much the best day of their lives because they were blessed with ME! :) Just kidding... ok maybe I really do do that, but just in a joking way, I'm not that self involved... (no comment). Anyways... back to the big 2-6. Last year at this time I had absolutely no idea what the year would bring. It's been an insane year of so many ups and downs my mind really can't process it. And really, it was the year I can say I really grew up in both good and hard ways.

The good part was that I got married the THE most amazing man on this planet... like seriously I have no idea why God allowed me to be blessed with such an amazing husband but He did and I thank Him for it each and every day. We had the surprise of my dad coming in for the wedding and really it was three months ago today that I experienced the happiest day of my life.

With that though we had to deal with the other side of growing up... learning that people aren't always who you thought you were. I have been hurt more this past year by people than I think I've ever been before... people spreading rumors about me, talking behind my back, and just full on betrayal. Not to mention the whole thing we experienced with the thieves just this week. It was a year of loosing my innocence and that naive trusting of everyone. I now watch my back, my words, and basically who I open myself up to. I also am now always questioning if someone is going to rob me as I pass by. It's hard not to become bitter through the ordeals that I've been through this past year, God is definitely teaching me just how much He calls me to love my enemies to bless those who persecute me and to lift them up in prayer. It's been a challenge and I've failed at it a number of times but I'm learning.

God has taught me so so many things this year, mainly about trusting Him and clinging to Him. I've seen Him provide and work in ways that I can't even fathom. He has shown He works far beyond all I could ask for or imagine. And I know these struggles are just a part of life. As I prepare to embark on my 27th year of life, I can't help but wonder what all God has in store for us. The good thing is things change but our God never does... I pray that this year through His Spirit I will be blown away at how He will work in and through my life. I am His servant plain and simple and I can't wait to see what He will bring about.


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