Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I've always heard grace defined as "unmerited favor"... I can't help but have the breath taken away from me at the grace God has shown me over this past week... and really this past year.

When I tell people about Davis, I tell them that he is grace in the flesh, because I so don't deserve him. He's patient, strong, kind, humble, and basically perfection (ask anyone who knows him). I don't deserve him but I praise God for me getting to call him my husband (in just a few short days).

If that wasn't enough, this past Sunday I experienced God's grace in a way I'm still recovering from. First, a miracle in itself happened to get my mom to come here to Uganda for my wedding. My mom had never been past Mexico and then she set out 11,000 miles to come and be with her baby girl on the biggest day of her life. Leading up to her coming, she daily had reports of God's goodness in providing for certain parts of her trip (immunizations, ticket, clothes, etc...). I was already in awe of the outpouring of love so many people were showing towards myself and my parents through this time.

The thing is... God wasn't done yet... "He is able to do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine" I NEVER thought it was possible for my daddy to make it here to Africa for the wedding. I honestly don't even think I really prayed about it, it seemed that impossible to me (yes I know my lack of faith is sickening). I thought that between finances and his health it was just not possible for him to come to a 3rd world country with who knows what types of diseases. But God had other plans.

As I got to the airport to pick up my mom, the butterflies in my stomach were going full force. I kept staring at the monitor and pretty much had a coronary when it showed "arrived" next to my mom's flight. Then a few minutes later I get a call from her asking where to go. I thought "oh no! that's why I didn't want her to travel alone!" Seriously over an hour after the plane arrived and I think I chewed my finger nails into oblivion and may need to have blood pressure medication for the next 3 weeks to recover, Davis and Bev gave me the sign she was coming (they worked out the sign because I was going crazy staring at people coming out from the customs area). I couldn't believe it as I saw my mom push her little cart out that with an unexpected few amount of bags. I rushed over, gave her a huge hug, cried and then we went over to the side. As I was crying as she and Davis met and hugged for the first time, I asked her if she got all her bags, and she said, "just one more is coming", and I look and my eyes seriously couldn't believe that they were seeing my dad pushing a cart loaded down with trunks. I broke down in a definite gnarly ugly cry as I just buried my face in my daddy's chest and hugged him and never wanted to let go. All of my dreams of having my daddy walk me down the aisle, the pictures of when he first sees his little girl in her wedding dress, the father daughter dance, could all happen now! I just couldn't believe it!

My parents later told me about all the miracles God worked to get my dad here through the provision of funds to the dr's ok. It was unbelievable what God did in order to get my daddy here for the big day.

On Sunday evening, I just still couldn't verbalize even the thanks to God for what had happened! I didn't deserve it... not in the slightest. I'm not trying to be overly humble or anything, I just flat out didn't/don't deserve what has been taking place. But that's where I get to rejoice in His grace, He loves blowing His kids away and He definitely did a good job at doing that with this daughter of His!

I PRAISE HIM I PRAISE HIM I PRAISE HIM!!!! For the amazing blessing He has given me in having both of my parents here... Our God is so so good!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Past Holiday

Here in Uganda, the school year begins in February and ends in late November/Early December. Therefore, the students "summer break" so to speak is during the Christmas holiday. Which means it's 2 months worth of me praying about and trying to figure out what exactly I should do to make the best use of the opportunity of the holiday where I don't have to share them with school.

In December, we kind of took it easy because the students were busy preparing for the Christmas program, but Davis, three students, and myself decided to undertake the re-painting of the church. I'll admit I thought it was going to be a little less invasive than it was, but the bottom line is that there is now no longer three different paint colors randomly smeared on the walls of the church. I must confess I felt rather blessed having my fiance be a professional artist, he made sure it was done right and it looked great!

And then came January... dun dun dun
As I've mentioned before, January was planned to keep the kids busy nearly every single day. Tuesdays we had a special topic of discussion/teaching. Wednesdays we learned about different religions (Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Hindus, and Catholics) and how we can witness to them. Thursdays we went through a theology topic (the sinfulness of man, the Trinity, heaven and hell, angels and demons). Fridays we had a fellowship day where we would just do something crazy (game day, water play day, field trip to the source, and a swimming day. Saturday we did a couple different outreach/service events. We went to 2 orphanages, a local slum area, and then we tried to do an event here at the church as well. The deal with the Saturday events is that they were to be planned almost entirely by the students. They had to do everything from come up with the schedule, make a shopping list and shop, and even run the event, I basically just taught.

I will be honest, January quite possible did me in. Doing all of this solo, was a bit more of un undertaking than I had anticipated, but I pray the students grew closer to each other and more important than that, they grew closer to Christ during that time.

Now, the students are starting back to school and I just ask for prayers that they would be a light in their schools. Pray that God would help them to boldly make known the mystery of the Gospel. Pray that God would help them to flee from temptation. And pray that God would help them to love Him more than anything or anyone else.


Packing up and moving everything except basically my clothes to the new house I will share with my soon to be new husband has definitely brought a whirlwind of memories as I go through everything. I’m going through goodbye cards from when I left ABQ 4 ½ years ago, birthday cards, “just saying hi” cards, pictures, and journal entries. It’s just amazing all that has gone on in life in just a few years. Honestly, it feels like I’ve grown up in that time.

I came out here a brand-new college graduate who really hadn’t seen much of the world nor realized just what a big world outside of my little sphere was out there. I came out having to learn the hard way (and honestly still kind of am continuing to learn) the universe doesn’t revolve around me. I used to think I had my stuff pretty well together for a girl in her early twenties, but then as I look back on all the dross that came up through the trials I went through, I realize I definitely was a far cry from having it all together.

I read about past crushes and hopes and dreams and reading about my laments as I approached my 25th birthday thinking I may never find “Mr. Right”. Now I look at the man God has given me and I can’t help but echo Garth Brook’s song “Unanswered Prayers”. We go through life, especially early adulthood thinking that we know what we want and when it all should happen. We pray and hope with all our hearts that God’s will is our will. I can tell you that what I’m reading in my journals is a far cry from anything that I ever thought would be a part of my life, but I can see how God has used those things, sometimes painful, and sometimes even embarrassing, to humble me and shape me into the woman that I’m becoming.

I think of how the pastor and author Warren Weirsbe compared life to a tapestry where on one side you see all the messy knots of thread but on the other side it makes an amazing picture. I praise God for these memories, and I look forward to the new ones yet to come. I also am so thankful for everyone out there who made up those memories, those whose cards I’m reading and some I’m still keeping in a little wooden box my cousin made for me. People, friends, family, and sometimes even foes make us who we are. Thank you all for being a part of my past and I look forward to seeing what God has got in store for the future.


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