Thursday, May 15, 2014

The things you miss

Being out of the country for five years you miss a lot of things... green chile, chick-fil-a, air conditioning... but the things you miss the most that no care package could ever help are the people and events that take place while you're gone. Over the past five years I've missed huge mile stones in the lives of so many that I care about - weddings, funerals, holidays, babies, graduations, birthdays, and everything in between. It's seriously probably the hardest thing about being called overseas.

Well, although the circumstances are not "ideal" for me being back, I have been blessed over these past seven months to take part in things I've desperately missed and hadn't been able to be a part of for the past five years: Thanks giving, Easter, Mother's day and today I got to have the awesome privilege of attending my brother, Keelan's, high school graduation. I wasn't able to attend Kyle's but I'm so glad I was here for Keeks. I have to say that growing up, Keelan and I were 9 years apart and therefore not incredibly close. Over this time of being back in the States, I've had some amazingly precious time getting to hang out with him and really get to know what a great kid...young man he has become. God has been so faithful to show me that He's got a beautiful plan for the pain and the craziness life became those months ago. He had His reasons for calling me back, and I know I don't even know half of them yet. I praise Him that even in these times of pain, He gives us these times of joy and seeing that He's got it all under control.

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