Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The One Who Was and Is and Is to Come

Jesus gives Himself this title in Revelation 1, and I can't help by find comfort in it. To really ponder and meditate on how He was on the throne in the past, He's on the throne now, and He always will be on the throne is truly breath taking. We so often get caught up in our past either our past glories or past regrets and they become a snare to us... Jesus was there and He WAS at work. We get so bogged down with today all the stress and to-do lists... Jesus is here now and He IS at work. We look at the future and the "what if's" we see the news and the imminent threats and the hopelessness and this is what really gets me... He WILL work in the future as well.

You read in Job as Job is starting to slip down that slope of self righteousness and "woe is me!" and his "friend" reaming him up and down accusing him of being in sin and that's why he was suffering. But then Chapter 38 happens and read that ominous call from the whirlwind and God asks "Where were you when the earth was formed?" Talk about a paradigm shifter! To really recognize that God was there in the beginning, He's aware of our current suffering, and He holds our future in His hands and somehow in His amazing power and sovereignty He fulfills His promises to work it all together for our good and His glory.

It truly blows my mind to think about how really NOTHING is out of His watchful gaze or too big or complicated for Him to handle. He doesn't sit there and scratch His head and say "Wow! That is a pickle! Let's see how this thing will turn out because I sure don't have a clue!" Oh if only we took time to remember who He is and that He's the God of our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows.

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